Are you worried about wrinkles, blemishes, or suffer from aging, sagging or scarred skin? This treatment provides a rejuvenating solution to help you keep your face looking young and beautiful.

PRP Vampire Facial®️ is used to repair damaged skin cells and to stimulate collagen production in the surface layers of the skin.

The Vampire Facial: How It Works

Using cutting edge medical technology, PRP therapy utilizes the body’s natural healing powers, the growth factors extracted from one’s own blood, to stimulate the regeneration of healthy cells.

Check out this detailed step-by-step video of The Vampire Facial at Enliven Aesthetics! This treatment can have a powerful effect, boosting collagen production and rejuvenating damaged skin cells!

With over 20 years of experience

Our team of certified medical providers and talented aestheticians pride themselves on delivering natural-looking aesthetic results with a concierge level of client care.


√  Repairs damaged skin cells

√  Stimulates collagen production in the surface layers of the skin

√  Restores healthy, youthful looking skin

√  Decreases wrinkles and other signs of aging

√  Minimizes damage caused by the sun

√  Eliminates acne scarring

√  No side effects or restrictions

√  Alternative to creams and surgery


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