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Savings – Botox®

$9/unit, when you purchase 40+ units

Peace Out 11s

Erase the lines of time between your brows!

Smooth As Silk

Say “bye bye” to forehead lines!

Line-Free LOL

Fill in laugh lines and wrinkles around the mouth!

Plump-Up The Jams

Pump up your lip volume and achieve the perfect pout!

Eyes Wide Open

We can see clearly now that crow’s feet are gone!

Cheeky Keen

Life’s peachy and perfect just like these make-up-free contours!

Rejuvenate, repair, and restore skin for a look an immortal would swoon for!


The Pros are Worth the Prick

Naturally dupe your face into a healing frenzy with a quick dose of HA.

A-PEELING anti-aging results for all skin types!

Repair and smooth away the signs of aging for an amazing glow!

Tear Trough Treatment

Brighten and awaken tired eyes.

Dark circles, under-eye bags, raccoon eyes, puffy eyes, or hollowing under the eyes are common issues for both women and men.

Hyaluronic acid filler and/or PRP injections boost collagen, restore lost volume and rejuvenate the lower eyelid.

At Enliven, we utilize blunt cannula technique, a safer alternative to needles that minimizes bruising while keeping filler where it’s meant to be.

This treatment gives you a fresh, natural-looking, bright-eyed appearance that most clients retain for 6-18 months.

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