PDO Threads for Stomach Skin Tightening

By Enliven Aesthetics. Posted April 28, 2022

Modern medical advances are not just helping us live longer and healthier lives, they have also changed what we look like and how we feel about our bodies. Over the years, people have been largely restricted to one option for correcting or enhancing their physical appearances — surgery. But going under the surgeon’s knife in addition to the medical preparations that go into that singular procedure can leave a patient with more complications, pain and loss of productive time than they bargained for. 

Thankfully, there is an array of painless, quick and minimally invasive options available that achieve comparatively similar results. From the use of Botox injections to subdermal fillers, new innovations in aesthetic medicine are here to stay, with more people becoming comfortable with these techniques and able to live more fulfilled lives. 

Among other parts of the body that are of concern to many persons, is the abdomen and we perhaps don’t need a crystal ball to see why this is so. When a person starts to gain weight, this is one of the first places that it is easily noticed. For one thing, the abdomen has a larger surface area than most other body parts, hence the obvious changes when weight is gained. The skin of the abdomen also sags as one ages. For mothers in particular, pregnancy can cause the abdominal skin to stretch to accommodate the growing fetus, hence loosening after pregnancy. 

Getting rid of this loose skin can be quite challenging and largely depends on genetics, age, weight, diet, and lifestyle among other factors. In the near past and even presently, this would be achieved by undergoing a tummy tuck procedure surgically or opting for liposuction (a procedure where the fat in the belly is literally sucked out) with the attendant risks. Thanks to modern aesthetic medical advances, you no longer have to make do with risky procedures. One of such non-surgical aesthetic advances that is speedily increasing in popularity and acceptance is PDO threads.

What are PDO Threads? 

PDO is simply Polydioxanone, a third generation material of suture-like capabilities, easily absorbed by the human body and with a higher ability to generate collagen and hyaluronic acid around the tissues where it is used. 

PDO threads help to re-build the dermis and induce increased collagen production which helps to protect the skin from sagging.

PDO is non-toxic and produces a longer lasting effect. Before its aesthetic qualities were harnessed, PDO was first an essential material used mainly in cardiovascular procedures as a suture material for blood vessels. 

How do PDO Threads work for stomach skin tightening?

The mechanism of action of PDO is the same for other body parts. The threads are inserted under the skin using a cannula. These threads are designed with hook-like barbs that latch onto the tissues, having an upward lift effect of the tissues from these anchors. Over time, as the area heals, PDO threads are absorbed naturally, leaving the tissues in their new, preferred positions.

What are other areas where PDO Threads can be Done?

PDO threads can also be used in other body parts such as: 

• Armpit folds

• Eyelids 

• Periocular regions 

• Buttocks 

• Inner thighs 

• Face lifts 

• Jawline contouring 

• Neck tightening 

• Eyebrow lifts 

• Forehead wrinkled 

• Cellulites 

• and Nasolabial folds 

The added benefits of PDO Threads for stomach skin tightening

• PDO thread procedures are minimally invasive

• Recovery time is fast and patients can return home or to work on the same day.

• It comes with minimal risks and relatively no complications

• The procedure is painless

• The results are immediate, unlike surgical procedures where healing will have to occur before results are fully assessed.

• Results are comparatively more realistic.

• PDO is non-toxic and leaves no scars afterwards.

Who should get a PDO Thread Lift and where should they go? 

You can get a PDO thread lift if you are concerned about the effects of aging, or you are looking to treat loose and saggy skin or you are looking to enhance your appearance to boost your confidence. It is recommended that you should be at least 21 years of age however. 

It is vital that you choose the right practitioner to carry out this intricate and advanced body-altering procedure, to ensure you are left with satisfactory results and a significant body confidence boost. 

At Enliven Aesthetics, we are capably equipped to meet this need. Our practitioners are experts with several years of training and experience to make sure that your desired outcomes are met. Our providers are always ready to take on your aesthetic concerns and provide you with bespoke services at affordable pricing (starting from $500).

Arrange a consultation with us at Enliven today let us help you decide if you’re a candidate for the procedure and then we can work towards achieving the body you dream of. 

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