What is “Micro-Botox?”

By Enliven Aesthetics. Posted March 30, 2022

Everything to know about Micro-Botox/Dysport: A perfect alternative to a regular dose of Botox or Dysport

If you’ve been on the internet, then chances are you’ve heard of “Micro-Botox.” From A-list comedians to Tik Tok influencers, it seems like everyone is getting in on one of the latest aesthetic trends of the year.

Let’s take a look at what makes this approach different from regular botox injections.

What is “Micro-Botox?”

“Micro-Botox” is an aesthetic technique that uses neuromodulators such as Botox®️ or Dysport®️ in a small amount to tighten pores, reduce sweat production, and overall can improve your acne.


But what makes it different from regular Botox/Dysport?

The amount used is what primarily makes it different from using full doses of botox; however, there are some other distinctions to keep in mind when comparing the two techniques.

Since “Micro-Botox” is injected superficially into the skin rather than being injected directly, it’s used to target the skin only. This means that “Micro-Botox” does not completely smoothen out your wrinkles or fine lines.

Is it the same as “Micro-Dysport?”

Yes, “Micro-Botox” goes by many names such as:

  • Micro-Dysport
  • Baby Botox
  • Intradermal Botox
  • Mesobotox
  • And so on…


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using “Micro-Botox” instead of – or as well as – a regular dose. These include:

  • Reduced pore size
  • Reduced oily skin
  • Prevention of acne breakouts
  • Improved symmetry of facial features or fine lines around the eyes due to the treatment of delicate facial muscles that can not be reached by regular Botox®️ injections
  • Does not “freeze” any large muscles, therefore it does not affect your expressive or emotional facial features
  • Reduce excessive sweating and oil production
  • Reduce appearance of rosacea

Any side effects?

Like any treatment, there are side effects to keep in mind. The most common side effects include:

  • Minor swelling
  • Slight bruising
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Uneven texture

Side effects may vary depending on the person, and few of our clients report these side effects when treated by our expert injector Bonnie Wright, RN.


How long does it last?

Just like any other neuromodulator, “Micro-Botox” can last anywhere from three to four months. Results may vary.


Who’s the ideal candidate?

Everyone! If you feel like you could benefit from the treatment, please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our advanced aesthetic experts to learn more about if this treatment is right for you.

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