We have NEW Skincare Products for the New Year

By Enliven Aesthetics. Posted February 2, 2022

Calling all skincare and beauty lovers…Enliven Aesthetics will be carrying a NEW product line to help take care of your skin called Hugh and Grace.

Developed by a husband and wife who had fertility issues, these skincare products are all-natural with no hormone-altering ingredients. They were created to be high-performing, clarifying, and clean products that you (and your skin) will love!

Next time you are in the office, ask one of our informed front desk receptionists about these products:

  • M. Serum
  • M. Serum
  • Cleansing Bar
  • Body Oil

A few of our staff members have been using all four products and love how they work synergistically with each other.

Besides introducing Hugh and Grace to our line of beauty and skincare products, we will also be carrying two NEW MD SolarScience products.


Tinted SPF creams in medium and dark shades.

– With 50 SPF and a primer added for a smooth finish, these products are great for people who want broad-spectrum protection with a “barely there” presence for a true finish.

– Please ask us if you would like to sample this product.

Tinted lip balms in four different shades 
(please contact us to learn more about which shades we sell).

– These lip balms are perfect for everyday use and provide moisture protection with a hydrating gloss for soft, beautiful lips.

We hope that you’ll love these new products just as much as we do!


With love,

All of Us from Enliven Aesthetics

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